Windows 10 Dev Premiere


Microsoft released new version of Windows operating system on 29th July, 2015 debuted as Windows 10. It was predicted to be biggest OS launch by Microsoft till date. With this release Microsoft is targeting to get this operating system on up to a billion devices in coming three years.

Microsoft Technical Community, Indore, an open community of IT professionals and students conducted an open seminar briefing about 60 professional developers and students about opportunities Windows 10 brings for them. This was conducted at HackerDome which is an open co-op space where startups can come up to collaborate and work together to create innovative solutions.

Sanjay Sharma, Yashraj Nayak and Gaurav Chouhan spoke at the event, which introduced audience to how they can develop application for Windows 10 platform and also use Microsoft’s provided development tools like Visual Studio to develop applications for Android, iOS and Windows alike. Seminar also briefed about features of Windows 10 which makes it the best Windows for date.


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