Hour of Code™ Indore 2016: Message for Volunteers

To Our Valuable Team Members,

Hour of Code™ session at Emerald Heights International School marked the end of Computer Science Education Week for us. In Indore we indeed have decided not to stop with the end of this week and continue our endeavor to promote and encourage students across Indore even in the coming week.

We started supporting Hour of Code™ in Indore 3 years ago with a team of 10 people and have seen it grow as a great event year over year. It would not have been possible without you.

We want to thank each and every one of you for your dedicated efforts that you have put in to make it a great event. We really hope it was a great experience for you too to work as a team and make new friends in the process.

Lastly, as we always have mentioned this multiple times that it is an open event, an open community, free for all. However we do feel there needs to be some regulations to govern us and make sure all of us remain happy and content with the execution. Because of this we have put in a few terms that we would recommend each and every one of you to go ahead and read. These terms govern on how much you can share at different public and private networks. Somethings that you need to keep in mind before writing about your efforts to different authorities, organizations or media.

To make sure everyone remains happy and one as community, anyone not following these guidelines will be immediately suspended from the HoC drive and respective parallel organizations will be reported of the same.

The following text defines some rules and regulations for all the volunteers who are participating as volunteers in Hour of Code™ Indore drive. Hour of Code is a free self-hosted event worldwide where hosts try to influence and encourage participants to try one hour of coding. Everyone is free to host an event themselves or in the group. The terms mentioned in this document are valid only for volunteers who have registered and participating in the Hour of Code™ drive being conducted by MSTC Indore and any of its partners. Any other Hour of Code™ event conducted by any individual in Indore outside of this scope or out of Indore is not governed by the terms stated below.

Credibility and Recognition

Each and every one of our volunteer is permitted as whole to share their participation efforts with different authorities, organizations or social network only under following conditions.

  1. You as a volunteer have right to share information about your participation efforts on any publically recognized social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc. only if you have in-person and on ground participated in any of the coding session organized in one or many of the schools approached by community members as MSTC Indore or its partner’s representative.
  2. You as individual are permitted to share details to different authorities about your participation if and only if you mention specific partner school in which you volunteered and your specific role while describing your efforts outside to other organizations, authorities or private networks.
  3. Proper credit and recognition should be given by you to other community members, the community and its partners while quoting and sharing reports to media or other platforms. Strict action will be taken against community members providing misleading reports to credible communities without giving proper credits to hard working community members and MSTC Indore.

What this means is you as a volunteer if want to provide a report about this event to anyone outside, you are not permitted to do so without giving credits to your partners and the community. If you are a part of other nation wide or globally respected and recognized communities including and not limited to the Microsoft MSP, Mozilla FSA, Google GDG, CoderDojo etc. You are only allowed to provide them report while mentioning who did what. Your report should mention the name of schools you volunteered in, credits to your respective school co-ordinator(s), specify size of teams at respective schools and credits to HoC 2016 co-ordinators. Same protocol needs to be followed when reporting your efforts in media or any other channel.

You are free to organize HoC events outside the community at any time but please make sure we don’t go and provide a fragmented, redundant or corrupt experience about our efforts inside MSTC Indore.

Our goal always has been to improve technical ecosystem among all sections of society. This indeed was a step in that direction. Keep up the good work and keep empowering others.