Hour of Code™ Indore 2016

Computers are everywhere and we must prepare our students to live and work in this technology-centric world. We celebrated The Hour of Code in 2016 by hosting one hour sessions in different schools in the region which introduced students to coding using Minecraft tutorial and resources provided by Microsoft and code.org partners.

The Hour of Code is a global movement to provide everyone an opportunity to experience coding during Computer Science Education Week, second week of December. Started by non profit code.org and supported by many technology companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft.

This year, 200+ individuals signed up to volunteer in this campaign in Indore. Volunteers travelled to schools around the city and inspired young ones to code. We started our journey from Marthoma Higher Secondary School on 5th December 2016 where 250 students kicked off Computer Science Education Week.

The Hour of Code™ is a global movement to inspire kids to try computer science during CS Ed Week. MSTC Indore is supporting this initiative in Indore, India.

Volunteers visited Prestige Public School and Queens’ College on 7th December and subsequently St. Paul’s Higher Secondary School on 8th December. Hundreds of students from classes 6th to 10th from these schools learned the basics of coding with Minecraft Hour of Code tutorial. They developed themselves as visual thinkers to use blocks of code to take Steve and Alex on an adventure through the Minecraft world.

We headed towards Emerald Heights International School on December 9th and 10th. On the day one, students of class 9th learnt basics of JavaScript with special coding challenges created by Free Code Camp. On second day, students of class 10th used Python to instruct a turtle to draw fantastic snowflakes with code!

Hour of Code session at Emerald Heights though marked the end of Computer Science Education Week but started an absolute renaissance of coding in students. Thus, inspired by such a dynamic response we decided not to stop here but continue our endeavour to promote and encourage students across Indore even in the coming week. Team of 15 volunteers visited Global Indian International School on Saturday December 17, 2016 to inspire young ones to code!

Every successful campaign requires weeks of planning, collaboration and teamwork. Before the actual campaign, we had a volunteer training session for everyone who signed up to volunteer. Hour of Code 2016 campaign was managed by Meetika Rajdev, Yashraj Nayak and Gaurav Chouhan from MSTC Indore team. School Coordinators who headed the team of volunteers at different schools – Priyanka Notani, Osheen Chavhan, Shreeya Nagar and Aditya Sharma.

We started supporting Hour of Code™ in Indore 3 years ago with a team of 10 people and have seen it grow as a great event year over year. It would not have been possible without the dedicated and strenuous efforts by all the volunteers who were actively involved in the Hour of Code 2016 campaign.

Here at MSTC Indore, our goal always has been to improve technical ecosystem among all sections of society. This indeed was a step in that direction. Along with the rest of the world, Indore is ‘all in’ when it comes to learning the common language of code! See more photographs from the campaign here.

Hour of Code™ is a trademark of Code.org.