Game Development and VR Meetup

Mobile games are the dominant app category in the App Stores. Games get more reviews, are downloaded more and make more money than most other apps.

MSTC Indore organized GameDev and VR Meetup at Vatsana Technologies on Saturday June 25, 2016. Event was joined by 40 aspiring game developers and VR enthusiasts.

GameDev and VR Meetup

Developers have a wide range of technologies available to them to assist in game development. Among all tools, Unity is the most loved tool by game developers. Abhishek Jain from Noob Games discussed how to how to work with Unity and create awesome games.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are amongst the next wave of disruptive technology. Soma Sharma and Laksh Matai discussed how to start thinking about application and game design using VR and AR.