Developing with ASP.NET Core

ASP.NET 5 has now become ASP.NET Core and it is breathing new life into the .NET web development ecosystem.  The platform has evolved greatly over the past years and Microsoft has just announced ASP.NET Core 1.0. Of the many features, the most exciting is that web developers will be able to develop and deploy .NET applications on Windows, Mac, and Linux!

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On Sunday July 17 2016, 53 attendees joined us for ASP.NET Core Meetup at Systematix Technologies, Indore.

Microsoft MVP and Developer Evangelist for Telerik India, Mr. Lohith G Nagaraj joined us remotely from Bangalore. He introduced attendees to ASP.NET Core and discussed why developers should check it out.

Community Speaker Gaurav Chouhan took a deep dive session on ASP.NET Core Internals. Attendees left the event armed with the knowledge necessary to start developing ASP.NET Core applications.